Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII : Ulangan


SEMESTER I Tahun Ajaran 20 /20

I. Give ‘X’ mark to the correct option !

Marco : Could you _____ the light, Samantha?
Samantha : Why? What’s the matter?
Marco :I want to read this novel.
(a) turn off
(b) turning off
(c) turn on
(d) turning on

2. What is the correct reply for this compliment
“I like the way you catch the ball”
(a) Thanks ! I’m not the only one.
(b) You’re lying. 
(c) Thanks, I’m fine. How about you ?
(d) Thank you for helping me doing this homework.

3. What is the correct reply for this compliment
“You’re great at dancing.”
(a) Yes, nice to meet you.
(b) Thanks, that’s very nice of you to say so 
(c) Thanks, that’s very nice of you to help me
(d) No, thanks.

4. “__________ you _______ to have dinner with me tonight ?”
(a) Want – line
(b) Would – list 
(c) Want – like
(d) Would – like

5. You look ......... in that dress, Amanda. How beautiful you are.
(a) amazing
(b) running
(c) shooting
(d) starting

6. What kind of functional text is this ?
(a) notice
(b) caution 
(c) poster
(d) announcement

Questions Number 7 and 8 are based on below text.

7. What kind of functional text is that ?
(a) Post card
(b) Announcement 
(c) Greeting card
(d) Letter

8. What did Fania do at Beringharjo Market ?
(a) Met Sultan
(b) Saw Sultan 
(c) Bought Batik clothes
(d) Selling Batik clothes

9. What is the appropriate compliment for this bag ?
(a) Wow.. I like yout hair. Who is the hairstylist.
(b) What a beautiful bag. Where did you buy it ?
(c) What do you mean ?
(d) What an amazing movie. Let’s watch again next week.

10. Ana : “In my opinion, students should study English from the first grade of elementary school. What do you think Dan?”
Dan : “ __________ . The first graders should learn how to read and write before learning foreign language.”
(a) I agree
(b) I can’t agree more 
(c) Yes, you’re right.
(d) I disagree.

II. Fill the blank spaces with correct answers.

A: Can I use your ruler?
B: _____________________. I am using it now.

A: Can I borrow your electronic dictionary?
B: __________________. Here you are.

A: Would you like any help?
B: _____________________, but I think I can manage myself.

Alex : Do you have time on Friday?
Andrea : Yes, I do. Why do you ask?
Alex : There's a dance at the Grand Ballroom.
Andrea : ____ _____ like to go with me?
Alex : Sure! _ _____ love to.

Ari : Guess what! I got the first winner prize for the debate competition!
Bob : Really? ………….
Ari : Thank you.

Complete this greeting card

Dear 16. _______________,

Just a note to congratulate you on 17. _________________.

That’s great. You deserved it.


Give or reply compliment based on these situation !

19. You meet a woman in an airport. She has a very beautiful hair. Compliment her for it.
20. You are sitting next to a young boy on a bus. He compliments your shoes.

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